Marketing Tip #2 – Using Search Engine Optimization To Build Your Brand

When you are getting started in business, it may take some additional work to get moving. Because of that, using something like cold emailing or cold calling might be tactics for you to use. On the other hand, once you have a foundation built by implementing SEO (or search engine optimization), your brand can start to take on a vision and substance of its own.

Tips For Cold Emailing For Potential Leads

Cold emailing has been done for decades, and it works that is why you have to try as well. If you are not looking for leads with this method because you are scared it is going to backfire, you have to open yourself up a bit because the potential is there.

You just have to understand that cold emailing is not easy, and you will have to work on it. Let’s see what you will have to do so that cold emailing works in your favor in the long-term.

If you are not cold emailing well enough, you are not putting enough effort.


You want them to feel like there is a connection there already when they are opening the email. It should not feel like a random business is emailing them because that is not going to convert them at all. They won’t want to do anything with you and will immediately assume you are spamming and sending a virus.

You have to personalize and get them to click because they are being mentioned on the subject.

It is not just about the subject line. You want to look at the content and personalize that as much as you can too. Do a bit of research into who you are emailing and then send it over.

Ask A Closing Question

You want to put a question when you are closing the email, so they are willing to respond. Some people will send such a nice email and then not end with a question. This means the person is going to read it and might even enjoy what was sent, but then will not want to do anything about it.

You want to ask them a question so they feel compelled to respond as that is how you can go about this the right way.

Never Spam

You are already on a slippery slope when it comes to emailing someone out of nowhere, but it gets even worse if you spam. In fact, you are breaking the law and that is not a good idea. You are opening yourself up to serious legal ramifications, and it could impact what you are doing.

If you are cold emailing, you need to maintain professional decorum at all times and speak to them in a reasonable manner. If you spam, you are immediately losing out on a potential lead.

These are things you can do when it comes to cold emailing. You have to have tough skin when it comes to cold emailing because most people won’t respond. You can’t invest too much into this because you are going to lose out most of the times. There are a few that will bite, and that is all you need to make it all worth the effort.

If you need help with something like SEO, you should work with a trusted search marketing company like Profit Addiction SEO.

Look towards the big picture as that is the only way you can ever grow as a business and continue to find new leads online. Emailing and search engine optimization both work. You just have to have the patience to reap the rewards.

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